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Tool Library

Repair Cafe

Why buy when you can Borrow?


A Tool Library is exactly what it says it is - a library where you, as a member, can borrow from a wide range of tools and equipment to complete almost any carpentry, gardening, sewing or other DIY project!  


They work just like a normal library but instead of books, you can borrow a massive range of tools and equipment when you need them, and not have to worry about storage when you don't.


Most of our tools have come to us by way of donation, however, if we become aware of a commonly used item that we should stock, we will raise funds to purchase them.  Of the donated tools, they are pat tested, and checked over and fixed in a Repair Cafes, ready for you to hire.

To become a member and begin borrowing from our vast range of equipment head over to - Upcycle Kernow CIC (

Or for more info please email us at



Don't know how to use them? Then come along to our Repair Cafes, where our community of like-minded people will guide you through using the tools you wish to borrow, as well as sharing tips and hints on completing the project safely and efficiently.


What is a Repair Cafe?


They are a meeting place of Volunteers dedicated to repairing things, sharing their expertise and knowledge with the aim of reducing our Carbon Impact. The benefits also include creating communities, teaching new skills and challenging a throw-away culture.


Assisted by Volunteer Fixers, all with their own talents and skills, our Tool Library will have the tools, and often the materials, to help you make the repairs you need.


​All things textile and sewing, mechanical and electrical, mobile phone technical help, jewellery repairs, bike repairs, ceramics and much more, visitors bring their broken items from home and together with the Volunteer Fixers, find the confidence and ability to fix most items.


Repairing broken items has so many benefits, not just for individuals, but for communities and for the planet!  

Why not check out this carbon calculator from the Farnham Repair Cafe

to find out how fixing, not ditching your broken items can

help reduce your climate impact -

Our REPAIR CAFES for the first part of this year are

Sunday 21st January 2024, 18th February and 17th March

and are held at our workshops here in Portreath from 11am til 2pm.

We'd love to see you there!

We'd like to hear from you if you'd like to volunteer your skills, or if you've got something you'd like to bring in for repair - give us some details in advance so we can be best prepared to help you! 


Please let us know you're coming by CLICKING HERE.

How to be a Volunteer:

The Tool Library and Repair Cafe is operated and run by Volunteers who give up their time and share their skills to make our projects work for the benefit of the wider community.  From maintaining the tools and running the database, or joining the team of Volunteer Fixers at the Repair Cafe, we are always happy to expand on our Volunteer team and welcome new members of all ages and abilities.


If you have an affinity with tools, a knack of fixing things, or are able to tinker, then please get in touch!  We have volunteer positions on Thursday and Fridays to assist in the general running of the Tool Library and volunteer positions once per month, on a Sunday, to assist in the running of the Repair Cafe. Please CONTACT US for further details.

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