Working at a grass roots level,

we come into contact with a variety of communities -
wellbeing groups, womens groups, mens groups, home education groups, schools,

youth projects, support groups, social prescribing and climate action groups. 

Intergenerational mixes are the norm, as the groups themselves create a safe space to inspire,
motivate and share positive ideas for everyday living, especially as we progress forward into a
new civil society where we come together for the good of the community.

We attract like-minded make do and menders, those who enjoy tinkering with textiles, working
with wood or muddling with mechanics to repair and rebuild every day objects.

#Tooligans is a programme specifically for vulnerable teenagers and young adults, giving them
the opportunity to use a variety of hand and power tools to design and create items for their
school, youth project or supported housing. This gives them real hands on practical experience,
laying the foundations for future developments.

#The Wood Shed is a developing community project, to construct a solar powered shed, and will offer

access to our Rent-a-Bench projects, Upcycleing workshops, Tool Library, the 3 R's,

The Tooligans Programmes as well as other planned projects.

#TexInnovation is a collaboration between UpK and Cultivate Cornwall CIC, addressing
commercial textile waste at a manufacturing level.

Bags of Hope is a scheme encouraging skills advancement to volunteer sewists,

by making refillable bags that distribute distributing food, clothing, sanitary
protection, toiletries and even craft packs to those who would otherwise go without.

Talented volunteers have employment opportunities through manufacturing projects,

with Odyssey Innovation, TonyG and other innovative companies.

For details on how our consultancy service can assist your textile needs please email us



#The 3 R's is a 12 session toolkit programme for those using upcycling as a path to

self discovery/recovery as part of a mental health support package.

Written, developed and delivered in collaboration with Portheden CIC, each step is specifically

designed to develop useful, practical tools for living a positive healthy lifestyle.

Upcycle Kernow CIC has also build a great reputation for designing innovative, sustainable festival and

event décor, delivering inspiring décor for local events such as The Masked Ball,

The Porthleven Food Festival, Tunes in The Dunes, The Great Estates and Tropical Pressure Festivals.

We have also participated in a number of festival engagements across the South West, bringing

our Upcycling workshops into the field. 

Contact us for further information if you'd like us to attend your summer event or festival.

Who we work with