How it works

Since we began collecting in January 2019, our community project has saved 1.7 tonnes of plastic packaging from landfill through our Terracycle Scheme

Thank you!


We offer practical solutions to everyday waste at a grass-roots level.

Our public recycling & reuse point accepts Terracycle packaging, brittle plastic, textiles, shoes, clothes, accessories and books.

We also reclaim many other items including toys, textiles, building supplies, paint, furniture, garden equipment to be reused throughout our various community upcycling projects - please contact us for further information.  We're always on the look out for "interesting items" that can be repurposed in our upcycling workshops and community projects.

Please do not leave donations other than Terracycle/brittle plastic without prior agreement as we cannot take everything and it costs us a lot of money to have these things removed.

Thank you!

How to Terracycle

STEP 1: 

Please ensure your Terracycle packaging is clean and dry



STEP  2:

Please separate your recycling into its relevant waste stream - check our Terracycle section for details on each stream.

A top tip is to fill a bread bag with each waste stream, as once emptied by us, we can recycle this through the Bread Bag recycling stream.


STEP 3: 

Our collection box is accessible 24/7 and is situated right of the MAIN entrance to our carpark, just look for the Terracycle sign.

It is emptied on a daily basis but if you have large amounts, please contact us to arrange delivery



Please ensure your bread bags are tucked closed, or turned upside down

so the rainwater doesn't get in, thank you!

We've tried putting lids on the box but they get broken too easily!


STEP 5: 

We package up your recycling for collection by Terracycle for processing. For further details on how they do this please check out


Points generated from each kilo collected are converted into pounds.  

Last year the money raised contributed towards the costs of our new front doors.

Where your reusable waste goes

Clothing is separated into:

     - Swishable items (ie the nicer items!) which go onto our Community Swish rails,

     - Basics (ie plain t-shirts, office or workwear etc) are redistributed to other charities and support groups such as Women'sAid, support for Refugees etc  

    -  School Uniforms are redistributed to families.

    -  Fabric is washed, zips and buttons etc reclaimed.


    -  Wooden items are cleaned up and treated for woodworm


    -  Jewellery is cleaned and stripped for parts.


    -  Tools are serviced, pat tested and used!

    -  Usable items are available for sale through our Resource Outlet, or put to good use through our upcycling projects and educational workshops. 

     - Unusable donations are sent for recyling.


We use the following waste management and recycling companies: for various flexible plastic packaging

and unusable textile waste is recycled through