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Portreath Retail Park

New Portreath Road

Redruth, TR16 4FX



Monday - closed
Tuesday -   10am - 7pm
MakerSpace   2pm - 7pm

Wednesday -     1 0am - 5pm

Wood Carving   2pm- 4pm
Thursday -    5pm-9pm
Stitch Club  6pm - 9pm

Friday -  10am - 3pm
Tool Library 12noon - 3pm

Please see our Swish and
Repair Cafe pages for details


Upcycle Kernow

is a Community Interest Company, offering individuals, communities and businesses the opportunity to re-think resources, in a bid to create a zero waste planet, by ways of various volunteer-led projects and schemes.

Our recycling point, refill station, Repair Cafe and Tool Library, Community Clothes Swaps, Upcycling Workshops and Sustainable Events are just some of the creative ways you can learn how to re-think resources, creating a circular economy which benefits communities and individuals alike.


We are a sustainable, non-profit making community hub for recycling, upskilling and education; offering a safe, creative environment that nurtures people and their communities. 


We campaign to create empowerment and knowledge, raising awareness of sustainable living in an environment that shares skills, inspiring and motivating all those who participate.


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Refill & Recycle


Zero Waste Refill Store

Our  refill station offers a full range of refillable SESi detergents and cleaning products - bring a bottle and top up with your favourites, from washing up liquid to laundry detergent, toilet cleaner and good old fashioned spirit vinegar.

A truly ethical business with environmental policies at its heart.

Check out our refill station here......

A little bit about Upcycle Kernow...


Combining artistic practices with traditional skills, we create fun, safe environments to help you explore and develop your own sustainable journey. From Upcycling Workshops, Repair Cafes, Community Swishes, Resources Outlet and recycling points, our community has created a local circular economy that supports and benefits all aspects of an inspiring, sustainable lifestyle.


In our Upcycling Workshops, you can take part in a variety of creative projects from using power tools with reclaimed timber, or sewing machines to create textile art and transform clothes, or soldering for glass sculpture and jewellery making. These are the ideal place to use noise equipment, get wild with creativity, or to be calm, quiet and concentrate, whilst turning trash into treasure.

Upcycle Kernow FAQs

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